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having problems with kens on kodi 18.3

pvr iptv simple client anyone having problems on install

is anyone else having problems getting it to load? the only way i get it to load is thru kens but it does not give me the option to open as it did before, using kodi 18.3. using kodi on pc,,, i liked it better cause it let me type in a channel number, like 120 was cnn and it would go there. when i load kens iptvextra ii 2.7 it loads the pvr but wont let me open it after installing personal info
*Hopefully you mean IPTVXtra2 v.7.7
Some systems will not setup the default settings file for the pvr during install (???), so when IPTVXtra2 tries to open pvr settings file, it is not there.
- so -
Go to System Settings/ Addons/ My Addons/ PVR Clients/ IPTV Simple Client/ Click Configure/ Click Defaults/ Click OK to Save settings.
Go back to IPTVXtra2 and click PVR setup & System Tools/ Create custom m3u.
Wait for confirmation to load PVR settings.
Select Yes (confirm Restart Kodi message (3 times)
Shutdown and restart Kodi.
Pvr should load normally.