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Thread: PPV issues?

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    I just started PPV3 Emperor, using the stb emulator and external media player (mx player) We will see how long it plays. And this is not on the shield but it shouldn't matter. It is at my uncles house, but im using the T3 with the stb emu.


    30 min in and still playing without any problems

    115 min, still running good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bingoz View Post
    Well with more resent reported problems with PPV channels via some IPTV boxes ...I thought posting in this thread would be fine .....those posts above mine seem to say they solved the problem using external players ...Wanted to know witch player actually fixed their problem............Not wanting to use Kodi though.............If papiao needs to tweek KokalekaTV ..then so be it.............
    If you want to have lots of extra features available to you for PPV and VOD, Install MX Player (as an Ext. Player), and use IPTVXtra2 with KODI.
    (Using MX Player on Kodi gets rid of the stuttering (with Kodi default player))
    *features available;
    -Play VOD/PPV Trailers for any selection.
    -Get extended info for VOD/PPV selection.
    -Integrate VOD items into KODI library.
    -Sort and display items by date added to VOD category, date of release, movie genre, or A-Z.
    -Search for any title.
    -Saved watch points for all partially watched items (resume a movie).

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