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    Post Nvidia Shield Experience Upgrade Android 9 Pie-Notes

    Newest Enhancements:


    • Updates "Display and Sounds" advanced setting into two easier to navigate menus
    • Adds ability to access all apps view while "NVIDIA Share" is enabled (long press home while Share is active)
    • Increases volume dynamic range for USB and Bluetooth connected headsets
    • Adds "Disconnect Bluetooth accessories" option to quick settings
    • Adds fan mode options (Cool/Quiet) in Settings > System
    • Adds option to turn off USB power when SHIELD enters sleep mode
    • Adds IR power control options to customize on/off functionality
    • Automatically sets fixed volume output when volume control set to IR or HDMI-CEC
    • Adds rooting feature preventing incorrect images from being flashed to SHIELD
    • Adds optimization phase to SHIELD Experience upgrade, improving system performance immediately after upgrade is applied


    • Adds option to connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network when SSID name is shared (Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi Band)


    • Adds option to match content color space (Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced display settings). Feature formerly in developer options
    • Adds additional refresh rates for 720p resolutions for apps supporting refresh rate switching
    • Adds option to set display to current “safe mode” setting when restarting in safe mode
    • Adds support for all display supported resolutions in “Custom display modes”

    SHIELD TV app

    • Improves pairing with Bluetooth assisted discovery
    • Improved latency and performance
    • IP pairing now always available as an option
    • Adds user feedback feature
    • Minor updates to UI

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixes bug where focus snaps to top after pressing "back" button
    • Resolves issue where network debugging UI was incorrectly reporting status
    • Fixes issue where HDMI-CEC would wake SHIELD even if disabled
    • Resolves channel detection issues with Hauppauge USB tuners
    • Resolves issue where networking debugging status in developer settings was reporting incorrect info
    • Fixes rare occurrences of USB drives being ejected
    • Fixes rare occurrences corruption/restarts during video playback


    • Fixes bug where volume would not be restored when using Google Assistant and CEC volume is enabled

    • Resolves low bandwidth issue when streaming from high latency network
    • Improves Wi-Fi disconnect issues that require restart to recover.
    • Resolves unstable network issues when not connected directly to router


    • Resolves Rec. 709 color space issue when undefined by content.
    • Resolves issue where 4K YouTube videos always play at Rec. 2020 color space
    • Fixed bug where cropped HDR content would not enable HDR playback in Emby


    • Fixes bug where SHIELD remote with IR blaster may not work after firmware upgrade
    • Fixes issue where SHIELD Controller 2015 would not pair after factory reset
    • Resolves Netflix playback issues when some Bose headphones are paired to SHIELD
    • Resolves issue where SHIELD remotes/controllers would not wake SHIELD

    Known Issues prior to release

    • "OK Google" hotword detection may not function immediately after pairing SHIELD Controller (reboot SHIELD to resolve issue)
    • SHIELD Pro: Display may go blank during accessory pairing after factory reset
    • Blank screen observed when connecting RII Mini X1 keyboard USB receiver
    • Rare occurrence where private listening does not enable when inserting headphones in SHIELD remote 2015

    Known Issues after release

    • Multiple Streaming apps failing to play for small number of users, netflix errors 116/115. Root cause identified, fix being worked on, will be part of future 8.0+ HotFix Image. To resolve ASAP, Factory Reset will fix it.
    • The match content color space displaying incorrect format. Root caused, fix in testing, will be part of future 8.0+ HotFix Image.
    • Cropped content in Emby not playing in HDR. Bug found with Explayer is confirmed fixed in 8.0 but looks like Emby also needed to make a changed which is fixed in their latest app beta.
    • Can't set the default launcher. We'll add this back in the next release, got missed in the android p transition as we need to make some changes for it to work.
    • VC1 playback not working. Root cause understood, will be part of future 8.0+ HotFix Image.
    • Volume UI with android P too bright, takes too long to disappear. UI reworked, will be part of future 8.0+ HotFix Image
    • Some controllers joysticks snap back to the center at the end of joystick travel. Fix in 8.0+ HotFix Image
    • Youtube 5.1 PCM audio not working
    • IR volume control not working when anything is turned on in accessibility
    • When using Adoped storage, sdcard/InternalStorage not accessible. Root caused, will be part of future 8.0+ HotFix Image
    • Pointer appears in PubG. Will be fixed in next release.
    • System volume (Navigation) sounds lower in Android P/SE8.0 than Android O/SE7.x. Confirmed, reviewing reason for the change, considering to revert.
    • Launcher app Icons zoomed/cropped. Investigating.
    • TV loses sync (no input) on modesets (power on, wake from sleep, refresh/resolution changes). Investigating.

    For me it seems to be running faster on all phases!!Enjoy!!

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    if some of the apps are booting you out when you click on to play a movie or a live tv channel and you are using MX player try using a different player like android player or vlc

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    Yes, I heard a lot of people having issues with players, i always use VLC specially with those pesky apps that push you to get their player.



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