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    Question Channel additions?

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to ask a quick question.
    1st off, I hope I am posting this in the proper thread.

    My question is this, is it possible to request additional channels be added to the lineup?

    I'd notice that all the NFL channels have vanished from the lineup as well as a lot of the college sports channels, any chance these will be making a return before football season starts?

    And finally, could we also get the ESPN SEC channel added also?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Not alot of channel requests ever get to the server administration.
    We do have a dedicated thread for requests
    but like I say, not alot is seen by the administration regarding these requests.
    I think sometimes that it would be better to email papioa directly with channel requests.
    Ensure your email description title shows that it is about channel requests.

    That is about your highest probability that they will be looked at



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