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    Smart Stb on Samsung Smart Tv

    Hello, one of my customers have an Smart Samsung TV and we paid 28USD for the Smart stb ( Mag Emulator). We did the right configuration on the Panel and on the Tv. I added the right Virtial MAC on the route but when i load the portal, I get a black screen.
    I tried the , and the full link but still black screen. I tried to change the portal to S2 just in case and same issue. Any idea or suggestion?


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    I really don't know if this will help or not as it is just a suggestion that may or may not work. What mac address did you use on the setup of the STB Emulator ? Don't reply with digits as I'm thinking it might have to do with the actual mac address of the Samsung Tv. Note, there should be two mac addresses as one will be for the wireless connection of the Samsung Tv, the other will be the hard wired or ethernet mac address. If you're connecting to the server and you see a yellow line indicating it is connecting, then you may have to change the player. You can change the player by going to the settings and scrolling down to media player and try using a different player. If a player doesn't have the right video codecs, you will get a black screen. If you have a picture with no sound, you're player may not have the right audio codecs to play the sound. To be honest, I would strongly suggest you use an android set top box with an STB Emulator instead of using the Samsung Tv. Most Smart Tv's have some form of remote monitoring and you never know what Samsung is up to when it comes to your tv. You may have bought the Tv but Samsung controls what works, what doesn't and they have third party interests which relate to $ so an independent Android set top box is something they do not control. Hope this helps but the truth is, I have an LG Oled Tv and I wouldn't allow it to connect to the internet or update its firmware simply because the updated firmware usually relates to something the benefits LG and their third party interests than it does me.



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