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    Got an LG smartTV and....

    I wanna know what app do you recommend. And how can I configure it for NFPS. Thanks in advance....

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    Good morning, SSIPTV and Smart Iptv

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    do not use smart iptv, many people have had issues with it staying connected to servers, SSIPTV is your best bet for a built in app on the TV, but better still to get a box like Buzz or Formuler

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    I have an OLED LG Smart Tv and I would strongly advise you NOT to update the firmware and do NOT allow it to connect to the internet. LG is there for LG, not for you, so if you want to save yourself from what they want you to buy in the way of services and avoid the problems associated with what you want for services, keep the LG offline. Better off to buy an IPTV Box and keep your independence by connecting the box to your LG TV which doesn't get to decide what you can have and what you cannot have via what it wants to provide in the way of apps.

    For a high end Tv, LG has employed the most useless WebOs, as their way to connect consumers with some of the most useless apps but for such a Smart Tv, mine has no bluetooth but isn't it ironic how LG "allows" their Smart Tv to connect with an LG sound bar ? Best to use an independent android box, keep LG out of the loop by keeping their products disconnected from the internet. Want to hear something very strange, I do a Bluetooth search for devices and low and behold LG shows up on the radar but try connecting something to it via bluetooth. Knowing what I know about Smart tv's which are little more than devices with microphones, cameras and tracking technology so they know what you watch, when you watch it and use their products to listen in on whatever your talking about if they aren't watching you watching their Smart Tv. The dumb part doesn't kick in until they ask your to agree to whatever they want to spy on you with. If they aren't connected, they still have bluetooth even if they tell you they don't.
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