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I left it On and "Signing In", at the Store and this AM when I went to Resume where I left off at, everything seemed to bee Clicking Along almost Normally...! I say that with a Frown ... When Attempting to Resume, My Password would not Open to the Desktop Screen...! It would seem that Microsoft has Hi-Jacked Me PC and I Now have to use Me Microsoft Password to Log-in so I can Safely Surf the Web...!

Linux Mint is Definitely Looking Better and Better...!
I've been using Linux Mint for a few years but I built a new system with a Sapphire RT 5700XT Pro graphics card which uses the AMD GPU driver which I couldn't get to work with Linux Mint 19.2 nor the latest 19.3 version. I had to download and install Ubuntu 20.20 version and it had no problem installing the downloaded driver from AMD. I don't know why as Linux Mint is Debian based but something changed so the graphics driver would only work with the 20.20 version ?
There are other Linux - Debian based Os which self install a graphics driver as Manjero scans all of your hardware and installs all the drivers so everything works without having do download or install anything. Its a nice distro if you want to avoid installment or driver issues.