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    ANY time you update any major software on a box let the software complete its installation, it will probably reboot, let it finish all of the installation steps and stabilize, THEN clear the cache, turn the box off and do a reset. Don't do a restore, just unplug it and let it sit for a few minutes, plug it back in let it go through the full reboot and stabilize again. It should do all it is going to do. Sometimes there are files or memory resident items that need to be removed to let a software access something it needs to, and clearing your cache and resetting will open the gate most of the time. No two people use a box exactly the same what works for one user may not help someone who has different programs or a different setup. Anyway when you need help it is always a good idea to let CRAZED 8.4 or whomever it is trying to help you what the particulars of your setup are, but NO personal things like names emails or sub numbers.

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    thank you so much for your reply/help,after clearing the cache(556MB) and the reset, it reboot itself and the problem gone.
    although i must admit it(after rebooting and when it says choose the wifi and the time..etc,here i lost my mind and thought its factory reset
    but{insert phew image here)
    everything was ok aside from my favorites lists all gone
    thank you again


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