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    Formuler Z8, Z Alpha
    July 28 Official Release

    Install and use at your own risk.
    Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    Firmware Version : 1.4.71
    Change Log

    FIX: Problem searching/pairing certain BT devices
    IMP: Improved Display Area UX
    Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

    MYTVOnline 2 : 7.9.1
    Change Log

    ADD: New "Skip Ahead" feature for Live TV.
    - Jump forward to get closer to real-time playback
    ADD: Show DVB/ATSC channels in IPTV channel list
    ADD: Hide VOD categories
    ADD: VOD/Series Online subtitle search
    FIX: VOD Player > subtitle end-time issue
    FIX: Cloud Timeshift looping issue
    FIX: Portal URL trailing slash issue
    FIX: ATSC LCN channel numbers
    FIX: Group & Favorite buttons not working in VOD poster grid
    FIX: Cloud Timeshift not working with certain services
    FIX: MOL2 doesn't recognize exFAT formatted media
    FIX: Channel List style setting issue
    FIX: Online subtitles: "No Results" when searching for certain languages
    FIX: Remote Configuration not re-applied correctly after factory reset or software reset
    IMP: Improved Cloud Timeshift compatibility with certain services
    IMP: XC API > Smart search. Search without accent characters
    IMP: Move between VOD and Series: Press and hold VOD key on remote
    IMP: Foreign language Youtube trailers where available
    IMP: Improved font for URL and user/pass input
    IMP: Youtube trailer playback performance
    IMP: Settings menu re-organized
    IMP: Live TV > Resolution icons
    IMP: Improved menu translations. French, Swedish (Thanks pad9k)
    Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

    Formuler Announcement [28.07.20 02:02]
    If you have problems downloading the Software update,
    temporarily delete the Formuler Remote app (Bluetooth app) from your device and try again.

    A bug was discovered in the Formuler Remote app that causes the software update to hang.

    We will release a new version of the Formuler Remote app soon.

    Formuler Announcement
    The updated July 30, 2020 Formuler Remote app is now available in the app Market.
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