I know Someone who is Now at Kodi 18 and They have the WWE Network and it worked when the Box was at Kodi 17.6, Now a Pop Up Screen shows "Your Device is not compatible with this Version"...! What Version, the Kodi Version or the WWE Network Version...?!?


Anyone else losing(not working) Add-Ons or Apps after getting Up-Graded to Kodi 18...?!?

I went Surfing and I can see that quite a few of the 17.6 Add-ons as well as Builds, will not/do not, work with Leia...!

Just used the Chrome Browser that WAS Installed on the Kodi 18 and got to a Download for the WWE Network but when it finished downloading I Opened it when prompted, the Logo came up and then it switched over to ... crictolive dot com...! Just a Stinking Ad, so I cancelled out of it and went into the settings and Disabled Chrome... No More of that crap going on there...! Now when the APPS iCon is clicked, Chrome is Missing...!

I went Online with Me Laptop to the WWE Network and Contacted Them about this and got a Reply email stating that Someone will get back to Me within 48 Hours...!

They will still bee able to watch the Elimination Chamber with Kodi as will I...! Bee Careful what You D/L...!