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Thread: software update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryu View Post
    no worries boss
    quick question, will z7+ have mol 2 as well?
    I am doubting that it will.
    The Formuler team did mention that it might be a possibility in the future, and I saw that posted myself from a team member.
    But since then they released the Z Alpha model, which is same as the Z8 but not quite the same (missing a few bells and whistles) and comes at a lower price tag as the Z8, but does come with the MOL2
    So I think that was their answer to sharing that MOL2 onto other models.

    I have asked about all this and only received an answer that said it is highly doubtful that the Z7+ will get an MOL2 update.

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    thanks you very much for detailed response.
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.


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