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    yes i do
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazed 8.4 View Post
    try re-installing that NoBlock file.
    I was reading and it says that Auto Purging may still happen, if that does happen, then a re-install may fix it
    Reinstalled it thrice but its still locked.

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    January 16th, 2019, the District Court in Bremen, Germany granted preliminary injunctions against two distributors selling certain set-top boxes in Germany.
    The contested devices (set-top boxes), among other things, emulated the MAC addresses of Infomir’s MAG set-top boxes. The Court prohibited the distributors from selling these and other devices that emulated Infomir’s MAG set-top boxes.

    And then at a technology exhibition in March.....
    CABSAT 2019: Shenzhen GYS Technology Co., Ltd. booth shutdown.
    Published on 15/03/2019
    The administration of CABSAT exhibition, which was held in Dubai, UAE from 12 to 14 of March, terminated contract, shut down the booth and restricted access to the event for Shenzhen GYS Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer of IPTV devices.
    The reason for this was a violation of the event’s policies and encroachment on the products of the Infomir group of Companies.
    Shenzhen GYS Technology products emulated Infomir’s MAG set-top boxes, which allowed them to utilize Infomir’s Middleware, the software for managing IPTV/OTT projects.

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    well I got image no block loaded but still no love.
    I unplugged dongle in back
    put fat 32 usb in back usb port
    plugged in box while pushing button above volume with 3 dots
    chose upgrade tools
    usb bootstrap press ok
    image loaded
    shows no block image
    on start up I have a different look instead of black I have informir logo with hdmi etc
    after few minutes sometimes I get that portal loading but most of the time no. I have 2 different iptv providers that I am a r****ler of so I kno mac is loaded in both
    properly but I still get black screen. I think this may be an expensive door stop but I ran out of doors because my dreamboxes, SV, Ariza, 3100 Buzz all are on my doors have stops in and out
    I am not a quiter. I have all day and after this weekend the rest of my free time to beat informir at their game.

    ON AN EDITORIAL NOTE; I find it funny that informir took this way for avoiding copyright illegalities when this is why they but the boxes and developed the software to do this and having a call home first written into the coding was why we are in this mess so instead of rewriting the files and "leaking" a fix, they chose to brick and disable all the devices that had complained server and were complained about. This almost a boycot time for them. I bought a dreamlink T2 but my 4gig android box may not ever get bricked from the company that made it. Most likely scenario is cheap stuff will break fast than good stuff. Next on my shopping list is a firestick

    NO MORE INFORMIR making a sign right now haha happy face every one


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