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    yes i do.
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    Yup! That works.
    I guess somewhere along the line, the ubiquitous use of the OK button was just an assumed part of the usual if not logical path to function/feature enablement, as it is mostly everywhere else on the Buzz... (yeah...enablement, that's not a real word, but I pressed OK to get it too! LoL)

    Anyway....ur technique is now noted. Thx!

    Edit: I've found that after viewing a channel with @dishuser's Category Selection method, and then attempting to use the same method to select a new Category, I'm stlll left in the previously selected Category. In order to actually select a new Category, Ive had to also press the Up or Down button, then the OK button to actually tune to that channel (even if it's the same channel I was watching previously), and then upon exiting/viewing whichever channel I've chosen, then and only then will I be switched to the new Category.

    So, for me, on an xpl3000 running on Android 7.1.2 and with the latest BuzzTV2 (211) update, the Category Selection method seems to be at bit buggy, or at least a bit awkward, if not inconsistent with other BuzzTV app features/button presses required to achieve the desired result.
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