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    Z-Nano MYTVOnline v1.9.32 Patch Notes - Beta

    Z Nano - latest beta is live

    Previous MOL version = v1.9.24
    With Firmware version = v2.8.13

    MYTVOnline v1.9.32 Patch Notes

    XC Portal > Fixed VOD loading issue
    XC Portal > Fixed Live TV and loading issues
    XC Portal > Added xmltv EPG feature
    M3U > Fixed VOD crashing issue
    M3U > Added xmltv EPG feature
    VOD > Improved appearance of subtitles. White font with black shadow.
    Fixed DVB subtitle display issue
    Fixed 'Stuck in Standby Mode' issue
    Fixed app startup delay issue
    Overall EPG performance improvements
    General bug fixes and performance enhancements

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    Formuler Z-series beta software released. (Excluding Z8)

    October, 2018
    Firmware Version
    Z-Nano Z-Plus Z-Prime v2.8.49
    Zx Z7+ v1.2.49

    April, 2019
    Firmware Version
    Z-Nano Z-Plus Z-Prime : 2.8.70 BETA
    Zx Z7+ : 1.2.70 BETA
    MYTVOnline : 1.9.70 BETA

    WARNING: Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    Change Log

    [SYSTEM] FIX: Internal WLAN dropping issue
    [SYSTEM] FIX: Display Resolution button doesn't show resolution selection window
    [SYSTEM] IMP: Display resolution selection window only shows compatible resolutions
    [SYSTEM] FIX: System software update hangs when system memory is full
    [SYSTEM] IMP: Improved front panel boot-up LED sequence
    [SYSTEM] FIX: Android Location Services
    [SYSTEM] ADD: Add mini market to Nano model. More apps to be added soon.
    [MOL] FIX: Radio channel streaming issue on certain portals
    [MOL] IMP: Increased refresh rate of detailed stream info
    [MOL] FIX: Episode playback issue on certain portals
    [MOL] FIX: Crashing issue when switching portals
    [MOL] FIX: Favorite list changes if m3u list is updated
    [MOL] FIX: Page scrolling issue in TV Series section
    [MOL] FIX: xmltv EPG parsing issue
    [MOL] FIX: Cell overlap issue in Program Guide
    [MOL] FIX: HLS VOD playback issue
    [MOL] FIX: Group Channel Numbering preference changes after applying Installer Mode config
    [MOL] FIX: Recording stops if stream buffers
    [MOL] FIX: m3u channel parsing issue
    [MOL] FIX: TV Series playback/seek issue
    [MOL] FIX: Favorite channels disappear when using Xtream Codes API
    [MOL] FIX: Freeview HD EPG display issue when using USB DVB-T tuner
    [MOL] FIX: Timeshift file is created on USB even if Timeshift is set to OFF
    Various bug fixes and performance improvements

    Known Issues: Duration incorrectly displayed during catchup playback
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