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    Question Where is the "" file to download on usb stick?

    You refer to this zip file to copy to usbstick but where is that file to download? Tks in advance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Capt.Kangaroo View Post
    How to Force Reset (recovery facinit) Your Box

    1. Unzip "" and store it to root folder(top folder) of your usb Stick memory.
    2. Insert it to your STB (Dreamlink T2 or Formuler Z7+)
    3. Power on STB with keep clicking channel up button on remote.
    4. STB will start auto recorvery.
    5. Wait until all processes are done and reboot.
    .That is all.
    * Important notice when it's failed. *
    Be sure recovery facinit file is stored to your USB memory stick.
    Check your usb stick memory if this _"recorvery_facinit" is still there.
    This file will disappear after one time use. so, you should check if this file is on the usb before starting factory recovery.

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    Copy and paste that Url in your browser and you will see how to download it

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    I see that the mediafire link is not giving us the file.
    It may have expired if it has not been accessed lately.
    We will get that fixed

    But in meantime you can use the file talked about in the thread linked below...


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