Explanation 1:

If you are a Reseller and get a Discount token for 1 year for example you will get our lowest price (currently $25 per credit) available on all your purchase during the token life. So imagine that you have a token and you want to buy 5 credits, the order total will be $125 USD instead of the $225 that you have to pay without the token, in that single purchase you got the return of your investment for the discount token.

No matter how much credits you want to buy with a discount token you always get the lowest price but without the discount token to get a price like $25 per credit you will need to purchase 80 credits at once.

On the other hand the Super Dealers don't need to purchase discount tokens, they always get our lowest price available during the purchase. To become a Super Dealer you need to place an order of 80 credits and as Super Dealer you are able to create reseller accounts and assign credits to existing reseller accounts.

Explanation 2:

If you are an existing reseller you must use the Papiao.is internal checkout, if you already have a token then for a payment of $325 you will get 13 credits (325 / 25). If you are a new reseller and you place an order for 5 credtis at $225 + 1 Discount token for 1 year $100 for total of $325 then you will get 5 credits added to your account because you don't any active token during that purchase.

The discount token will start taking effect on the next purchase not in the one that you are including the token because its payment must be verified.

The discount token is only paid in 1 purchase, once active you can place new orders benefiting from the lowest price until the discount token expire if you didn't selected the lifetime option otherwise it will never expire and you will always enjoy its benefits.

If you need any further understanding about this new reseller tool please let us know.