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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldzskool View Post
    First of all love the guide and really apreaciate the work you have done to create it, it improves my Tivimate expereince massively!

    Just a question though, there are quite a lot of channels where I can find no EPG source and I'm wondering if its just that they have not been included or if I am doing something wrong? I'm in the UK and I have entered the US_guide, UK_guide and the master/guide as EPG sources with the UK_guide as default, but I have no EPG options for these channels: UKd: Discovery Channel, Discovery History, Discovery Science, Discovery Shed, Discovery Turbo, UK Eden, UK Nat Geo Wild, UK Quest, UK Quest Red, UK Sky Nature, UK Sky Sports Action, UK Sky Sports Arena, UK CNN, UK DAZN, UK beIN Sports.

    To be clear, this is not a complaint I can live with it as it is as my providers EPG souce covers some of the missing channels but that EPG doesnt have the pretty channel thumbnail icons which I like.
    Hey Oldzskool,

    I'm sorry for getting back to you a day later but we got some fresh POW and I couldn't miss that.

    You don't see those channels info (tv guide) because those channels are not included with the guide.

    I only include channels from these private servers Rocket, NFPS and IPTV66.

    So if the channels is not included and I don't see that channels then that channel would not be included in the guide.

    For me to include a specific channel, I would have to know the exact name of that particular channel. It has to be the same how it appears in your playlist.

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    Thanks for getting back, much appreciated!

    The channels I am missing are as follows exactly as in my TV Guide listing:- UKm: Movies 24, UKm: Sky Cinema Animation, UKd: Discovery Channel, UKd: Discovery History, UKd: Discovery Science, UKd: Discovery Shed, UKd: Discovery Turbo, UKd: Eden, UKd: Nat Geo Wild, UKd: Quest, UKd: Quest Red, UKd: Sky Nature, UKs: Premier Sports 1 (UK), UKs: Premier Sports 2 (UK), UKs: Sky Sports Action, UKs: Sky Sports Arena, UKs: Sky Sports Box Office, UKs: TNT Sport Box Office, UKn: CNN, VIP: DAZN UK 1, VIP: DAZN UK 2, SPI: beIN Sports 1 (EN)

    Is it cheeky to ask if you are able to add any of them without too much trouble?


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