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    Quote Originally Posted by bakon View Post
    I’m looking for a multimedia player for my movies, something simple. Shows the name and the movie cover. Simple nothing fancy
    Quote Originally Posted by bakon View Post
    I had one on dreamlink t1 plus that was named ftmc, looked like Kodi but I only used it for movies through the movie menu
    The new Kodi versions would not work on the older Android Operating Systems.
    So a team created the FTMC to replace Kodi and was able to work on older Android OS .... is why they look the same or similar.
    FTMC is referred to as a 'fork' of Kodi

    You could still use that FTMC if that is what you want.
    You could find a version of it in apk file format and sideload that onto your T1
    Use the File Manager/Browser to load an apk and install the app
    An apk is a carrier of an app.
    Think of an apk file as a suitcase with a pant suit inside, and the pant suite being the app

    Or the FTMC may even be found in your onboard Market.
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    Thanks. So much to learn.


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