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    11-28-2020, 11:54 PM
    catz replied to a thread Double Log-in ? in Helps us Improve!
    Log in then click IPTVTALK in the upper left.
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-25-2020, 09:25 PM
    Farmer1 started a thread A Scottish Golf Story in Jokes
    John, who lived in the north of England, decided to go golfing in Scotland with his buddy, Shawn. They loaded up John's minivan and headed north. ...
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-25-2020, 09:21 PM
    Farmer1 started a thread Peeing on my flowers in Jokes
    : PEEING ON MY FLOWERS A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags was...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-23-2020, 11:10 AM
    A sailor meets a pirate in a bar, and take turns boasting of their adventures on the high seas. The sailor notes that the pirate has a peg-leg,...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-22-2020, 01:54 PM
    bwcbob started a thread Physics... in Jokes
    One day our physics professor was discussing a particularly complicated concept. A pre-med student rudely interrupted to ask "Why do we have to...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-21-2020, 01:05 PM
    bwcbob started a thread Last requests..... in Jokes
    Mary Clancy goes up to Father McGuire after his Sunday morning service, and she's in tears. He says, "So what's bothering you, Mary my dear?" ...
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-20-2020, 03:25 PM
    sounds about par for some people
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-20-2020, 12:28 PM
    In a murder trial, the defense attorney was cross-examining the coroner. Attorney: Before you signed the death certificate, had you taken the pulse?...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-20-2020, 12:26 PM
    bwcbob replied to a thread young MD in Jokes
    OMG I have a customer I can use that on for sure
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-20-2020, 12:25 PM
    bwcbob replied to a thread jogging shorts in Jokes
    Nice One !!!
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-20-2020, 12:24 PM
    bwcbob replied to a thread The Widow in Jokes
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-19-2020, 07:38 PM
    Farmer1 started a thread young MD in Jokes
    As a new, young MD doing his residency in OB, I was quite embarrassed when performing female pelvic exams. To cover my embarrassment I had...
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-19-2020, 03:34 PM
    Farmer1 started a thread The Widow in Jokes
    A lady had lost her husband almost two years ago. Her daughter was constantly calling her to get back into the dating world. Finally, she said she'd...
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-19-2020, 02:55 PM
    love it ......
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-19-2020, 11:12 AM
    Have you ever wondered who first uttered the phrase "You Gotta Be Shittin Me?" Well, it just so happens to have originated through the...
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-18-2020, 01:55 PM
    2 replies | 132 view(s)
  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-18-2020, 12:01 PM
    Bad Bernie was in prison for seven years. The day he got out, his wife and son were there to pick him up. He came through the gates and got...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-18-2020, 12:00 PM
    bwcbob replied to a thread the Irish Husband in Jokes
    LMAO ...... Great One !!
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-18-2020, 11:57 AM
    bwcbob replied to a thread The Smuggler in Jokes
    Nice .... That's the way to do it !!! ++++ Farmer
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-18-2020, 12:09 AM
    Farmer1 started a thread the Irish Husband in Jokes
    The day after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident, a man from Claddaghduff, Ireland answered his door to find two grim-faced Constables....
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-17-2020, 03:41 PM
    Farmer1 started a thread The Smuggler in Jokes
    A man crosses the border each morning on a donkey. And each day, his donkey is loaded with only bags of straw. When he reaches the bridge marking...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-17-2020, 10:25 AM
    bwcbob started a thread Fun at the zoo... in Jokes
    Little Johnny wanted to go to the zoo and pestered his parents for days. Finally his mother talked his reluctant father into taking him. "So...
    1 replies | 107 view(s)
  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-16-2020, 10:26 AM
    bwcbob started a thread A honeymooning couple.... in Jokes
    A honeymooning couple had purchased a talking parrot and taken it to their room, where much to the groom's annoyance, the bird kept up a running...
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  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-15-2020, 03:21 PM
    Sweet one .......
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-15-2020, 01:21 PM
    A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. He's rather taken a back because he can't place where...
    3 replies | 153 view(s)
  • Farmer1's Avatar
    11-14-2020, 04:36 PM
    Farmer1 started a thread Ray the Chicken in Jokes
    Ray came home one night from a long day at work, slid into bed beside his sleeping wife, and fell into a deep slumber. He awoke before the Pearly...
    2 replies | 78 view(s)
  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-14-2020, 12:12 PM
    This guy was having a problem with mice in his apartment. "Dude," he told a friend, "I've tried everything and those damn mice keep coming back."...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-13-2020, 12:02 PM
    bwcbob started a thread Purina Diet.... in Jokes
    A friend of mine has a big Labrador retriever. While I was buying a large bag of Purina at Wal-Mart for him, a woman behind me in the check out...
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-13-2020, 12:01 PM
    bwcbob replied to a thread Bungee jumping in Jokes
    Stealing That One For Sure.... Truly relatable
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  • bwcbob's Avatar
    11-13-2020, 11:59 AM
    bwcbob replied to a thread Nagging Wife in Jokes
    Training is very important .....Great One Farmer !!!!
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    So statute of limitations don't apply to my situation since it was purchased over 3 years ago?
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    Hi does iks66 have a phone number
  3. sent it in for you should get email
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    Hello can you help me I placed my order last week and I do not recieved my danation yet
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    Hola Marley me podrķas ayudar tengo un problema con stb me sale bloqueado ya e hecho todo desde cambiar la mac restablecerla y poner el nuevo portal y sigo teniendo el mismo problema
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    Marley I have reached the maximum of reset.. Please can you help
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    Me again. I had an old account with the same box. Is it posible that the box is linked to the old account and thats why Im getting that already exists?
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    This is for a mag254 with NFPS. Im getting this error: this MAC Address already in use when i try to change it. How can I fix it? I' ve been reading some posts here and what is pm and how I do it?
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    P.M sent to crazed 2.0 on 9/10/16
    Haven't gotten a response and I saw in the sticky that you may also be able to help me.

    Good morning
    You helped me a lot the last time with donation and I was wondering if you could do the same for me this time.
    I bought one rocket donation yesterday but am yet to recieve a confirmation email but my card was charged for the order.
    I did not check the order number as the last times I had no issue recieved the last donation within minutes.
    The email address to the order is ***Staff Edit*** and I used globe pay and was 1 rocket donation
    Thanks in advance
  10. need do a ip reset
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