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    Yesterday, 10:21 AM
    bwcbob started a thread actual job application in Jokes
    This is an actual job application that a 17 year old boy submitted to McDonald's in Florida... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny!...
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    04-07-2020, 08:30 PM
    bwcbob replied to a thread Are my testicles black? in Jokes
    Oh My.... Nice one you got me!
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    04-07-2020, 10:07 AM
    bwcbob started a thread Twenty Bucks.. in Jokes
    A man is walking home late at night when he sees a woman in the shadows. "Twenty bucks," she says. he'd never been with a hooker before, but he...
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    04-06-2020, 09:40 AM
    bwcbob started a thread Oh My...... in Jokes
    The Preacher explains that he must move on to a large congregation that will pay him more. There is a hush within the congregation. No one wants...
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    04-06-2020, 09:39 AM
    bwcbob replied to a thread New ceo in Jokes
    Dumb Ass !! Must have been a Corporate CEO !!
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    04-05-2020, 11:13 AM
    You think that Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader. Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan. You go to your family reunion looking for a...
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    04-04-2020, 12:34 PM
    bwcbob started a thread Only in America in Jokes
    Only in America... can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.... Only in America... do people order double cheese burgers, a large...
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    04-03-2020, 09:57 AM
    Bith Fox News & Business are down this AM
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    04-03-2020, 09:50 AM
    A passerby noticed a couple of city workers working along the city sidewalks. The man was quite impressed with their hard work, but he couldn't...
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    04-02-2020, 09:59 AM
    One morning, on his way out to the fields, the farmer says to Amy, "The artificial insemination man is coming over to impregnate one of our cows...
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    04-01-2020, 10:18 AM
    Keep this philosophy in mind the next time you hear, or are out to repeat a rumor. In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded...
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    04-01-2020, 10:17 AM
    bwcbob replied to a thread A hinge in Jokes
    Mary, Mary , Mary ... I think I know Her - LOL good one !!
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    03-31-2020, 09:27 AM
    Three old ladies are sitting in a diner, chatting about various things. One lady says, "You know, I'm getting really forgetful. This morning, I...
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    03-30-2020, 12:21 PM
    He found himself in Purgatory being sized up by God... "Well, Bill, I'm really confused on this call. I'm not sure whether to send you to Heaven...
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    03-29-2020, 10:47 AM
    bwcbob started a thread Ballerina...... in Jokes
    One day this big, nasty, sweaty woman wearing a raggedy, sleeveless sundress walks into a bar. She raises her right arm, revealing a big hairy...
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    03-29-2020, 10:46 AM
    bwcbob replied to a thread Employee Notice. in Jokes
    Good One Farmer !!!!!!
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    03-28-2020, 01:08 PM
    bwcbob started a thread Drinking again? in Jokes
    A guy decides to take off work early from work and go drinking. He stays in the bar until it closes at 2 a.m. By then, he is extremely drunk. ...
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    03-27-2020, 10:00 AM
    bwcbob started a thread A Confident Genius... in Jokes
    A proud and confident genius makes a bet with an idiot. The genius says, "Hey idiot, every question I ask you that you don't know the answer, you...
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    03-26-2020, 10:26 AM
    A Sunday School teacher of preschoolers was concerned that his students might be a little confused about Jesus Christ because of the Christmas season...
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    03-25-2020, 09:36 AM
    bwcbob started a thread For Men Only.... in Jokes
    Now THIS is a common sense approach to testing & saving money! Simplified Urine Test For Senior Men Avoid those lab tests and costly co-pays...
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    03-24-2020, 11:52 AM
    Brenda, pregnant with her first child, was paying a visit to her obstetrician's office. When the exam was over, she shyly began, "My husband...
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    03-23-2020, 09:48 AM
    bwcbob started a thread Two buddies talking...... in Jokes
    Two buddies talking in the bar. "Hey, you look rather dejected today. What's happened?" "It's my father-in-law." "Fell ill?" "Worse."
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    03-23-2020, 09:48 AM
    bwcbob replied to a thread Nosy Mildred in Jokes
    Oh Ya Baby !!
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    03-22-2020, 12:43 PM
    bwcbob started a thread Growing Tomatoes.... in Jokes
    A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes, but couldn't seem to get her tomatoes to turn red. One day, while taking a stroll, she came upon a...
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    03-21-2020, 12:23 PM
    A store that sells new husbands has opened in Melbourne , where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a...
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    03-20-2020, 10:15 AM
    bwcbob started a thread What's the trick? in Jokes
    A man went to the police station wishing to speak with the burglar who had broken into his house the night before. "You'll get your chance in...
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    03-19-2020, 09:49 AM
    bwcbob started a thread You boys been drinkin? in Jokes
    Bubba and Earl, were driving down the road drinking a couple of bottles of Bud. The passenger, Bubba, said, "Lookey thar up ahead, Earl, it's a...
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    03-18-2020, 09:46 AM
    bwcbob started a thread Smart Blonde...??? in Jokes
    A girl came skipping home FROM school one day. "Mommy, Mommy," she yelled, "we were counting today, and all the other kids could only count to...
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    03-17-2020, 09:36 AM
    Grandpa was celebrating his 100th birthday and everybody complimented him on how athletic and well-preserved he appeared. "Gentlemen, I will tell...
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    03-16-2020, 10:03 AM
    bwcbob started a thread A man was walking.... in Jokes
    A man was walking.... A man was walking in the street when he heard a voice: "Stop! Stand still! If you take one more step, a brick will fall...
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